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With our most devoted and brightest members at PECES, we will make your Australian dream come true!

Evelyn Piliouras
Managing Director at PECES
BA (Hons) Publishing (Oxford)
GradCert in Migration Law & Practice (ANU)
R.M.A. MARN 1461623
Member of MIA 6622

As the owner of the business, I am responsible for its overall performance which includes:

➢ Implementing company policy;

➢ Developing strategic business plans;

➢ Maintaining a dialog with stakeholders;

➢ Controlling finance;

I am also a MARA Registered Migration Agent who provides information and advice to potential migrants, prepares and lodges visa applications, acts as an intermediary to legally represent clients during visa processing, assists clients before review bodies and liaises with legal professionals in relation to judicial review matters.

As an ethical, resourceful, pragmatic and results-driven RMA who pushes further than merely submitting applications. I believe in collaborating with clients and delivering excellence in my daily consultancy whilst at all times meeting the professional requirements under the Code, along with assisting clients in reaching their goals as my key to success.

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