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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I book a Face to Face consultation to see a migration agent?


We offer a face to face consultation at our Adelaide and Beijing offices. You will be able to meet with one of our experts for a full visa eligibility assessment. You can contact us on +61 401 373 672 to book a consultation.


I am unable to make it to the office? What other methods of consultation do you offer?


If you are Interstate or overseas, we can offer you the following options:


- Phone consultation if prefer to talk on the phone

- Online consultation if prefer to communicate via Zoom or WeChat.


You will still receive a full assessment and information through these types of consultations as you would in a face to face consultation.


Who can come to the consultation with me?


You are more than welcome to bring a partner or friend to accompany you to a consultation, however please be advised that a consultation assessment will be for one applicant only. If your friend would also like to see an agent they will need to book a separate consultation.

Is there a fee for the initial consultation?

The service fee for your consultation will be AU$180, which will be credited towards your overall fees when you proceed with our services.

What is included in the consultation?

During the consultation you will receive:


- Information on the criteria for each of these visa types

- Any critical dates which might apply in your case

- Details on the main stages of the application process

- An indication of the average processing time for the application


You will also receive a written copy of the advice given to you during the consultation.


 What happens when I book a consultation?


Once you have booked a time and date for your consultation we will confirm your booking via email, with details such as our address.


We will also send a consultation form for you to complete and return to us at least a day before your appointment. This is so our advisor can have a better understanding of your case before your appointment.


I have a general Visa Enquiry, and I don't want a consultation?


You can visit our website here as there is useful information on visa types for migration to Australia.


You will get the most benefit from booking a consultation for a full assessment of your situation to identify which visa pathways will be possible in your case.


How much is the visa application?


Prices will vary as every visa subclass and situation is different. During your consultation, your advisor will be able to provide a quote of the professional and Department of Immigration and Border Protection fees.


What if I'm not eligible? Do I still pay for the consultation?


The purpose of a consultation is to provide you with a full assessment of your visa options in Australia, due to individual circumstances you may find that you are not eligible for the particular visa you were interested in.


Our advisors are incredibly experienced and you will leave with a clear understanding of your visa pathways that are available in your case. Our consultations are a professional service and a service fee does apply due to the time and research it takes our advisors to assist you.


How many consultations do I need before applying for my visa?


One consultation is generally all you need to precede with our services; however this depends on the complexity of your case.


Can you check my documents before I apply for my own visa application?


We do not provide a document checking service during consultations. Once you have signed on with our services, we will be able to assess your documents for your visa application.


My family or friends wants to come to Australia - can I do the consultation for them?


Generally we are able to provide consultations for family members or friends for you, for best results for a consultation for someone else it is recommended that you complete the consultation in full with applicant's details so we can provide a full assessment.



What types of payment can I make?


We have several payment options available for you including Bank transfer and cash payments.


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