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SIV签证变化细则以及新出台1500万投资移民签证要求 / SIV Review outcome and changes announced

今天,澳洲总理艾伯特以及移民部长莫里森共同宣布,从2015年7月1日起,将实施一个新的投资移民签证类别(Premium Investor Visa),主要要求如下:

  • 申请者投资1500万澳币到符合要求的投资项目。

  • 无需满足任何居住要求。

  • 没有年龄或英文限制。

  • 持投资满12个月后即可申请永居。

  • 申请人只可以由澳洲贸易委员会(Austrade)提名。


1. 新增Austrade澳洲商贸委对现有的188签证的提名担保权利。即Austrade可以提名担保188签证(包括188A/B/C)的申请人,而不一定要州政府才能提名和担保;

2. 将允许所有188签证(包括188A/B/C)的主申请人在临时签证期间,更换主/副申请人;

3. 针对188C签证的副申请人,在4年临时签证期间,在澳洲的居住时间提高为每年180天(现有政策对188C的副申请人无澳洲居住时间要求);

4. 进一步提速现有的188签证的受理时间。



The Government today announced important changes to the Significant Investor Visa and creation of a Premium Investor visa.

The new Premium Investor Visa (PIV) will require an investment of $15 million, nomination by Austrade and has no residency requirements. PIV holders will be eligible for permanent residency after holding the complying investment for 12 months.

Other changes include:

  • the involvement of Austrade in the nomination of applicants on behalf of the Australian Government and in determining complying investment policy

  • allowing 'role swapping' between primary and secondary applicants during the provisional visa stage​

  • introduction of 180 day residency requirements for secondary visa holders​

  • changes to improve visa processing times

The changes will be made progressively through the 2014-15 programme year, with changes requiring legislative amendment expected to come into effect from 1 July 2015.

These changes will not apply to current SIV holders or current applications.

(The End)

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