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澳洲移民局助理局长Hon. Michaelia Cash在今年2月25日建立的独立议会,在457临时工作签证的复议中提出了22个建议,其中的摘要包括:

  • 雇主方面将按照年营业额4百万澳币,1百万澳币及以下分类,也就是说对移民局会对小营业额的雇主进行更加严格的审查。

  • 雇主担保资格将延长至5年,并且会简化之后的更新。

  • 英文水平要求该略微放宽松,由之前的每项5分降低为平均分5分。

  • 工资要求在未来两年之内,该保持目前的水平,为每年53,900澳币.

  • 目前的培训要求该被废除,转而被每年固定为每位457签证持有人缴纳400澳币培训费代替。

  • 为了巩固监管制度,加强与第三方的合作,比如如税务局和劳动局。


The independent panel established to review the Government’s subclass 457-visa program, established on 25 February 2014 by the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon Michaela Cash, has just released its report titled Robust New Foundations.

· Risk profiling businesses by streaming applications by company turnover namely $4m, $1m and the remainder – whereby greater scrutiny is applied to companies with lower turnover.

· Increasing sponsorship term to 5 years with a simpler process for renewals.

· English Language Requirement should be somewhat eased, from a minimum of 5 across the four competencies (reading, writing, speaking and listening) to an average of 5.

· Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold should be retained at the current level until it is reviewed within two years.

· current training benchmarks be abolished, and that they be replaced by an annual training contribution that would be payable to government – as an example “Every year sponsors would pay a fixed amount, say, $400, for each 457 visa holder in their employ.

· Strengthen monitoring sanctions by various means including collaboration with the ATO and FWO.


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